Debut Stage: Peek-A-Boo – Red Velvet

Red Velvet have had an incredible year in 2017, having strong singles in the spring and summer, Rookie and Red Flavour respectively, with Red Flavour easily being a defining song of the summer K-Pop scene. The girls have even gone on to win Girl Group of the Year at the annual MAMA Awards, further cementing their status as… Continue reading Debut Stage: Peek-A-Boo – Red Velvet


Debut Stage: I (Knew It) – Sonamoo

The last time we heard from girl group Sonamoo was with the first installment of their Happy Box Project Friday Night, where the group revitalised their previously problematic cute/hip sound with a strong disco influence. This time, the girls have upped the ante even more, taking an even greater gamble by switching gears to a almost… Continue reading Debut Stage: I (Knew It) – Sonamoo


Debut Stage: My Turn – The Uni+

In the wake of Sixteen and Produce 101, many idol-making survival shows have sprung up as a fad, ranging from Momoland to Idol School and more notably the recently-concluded Produce 101 Season 2. KBS’s latest competition series (stylised The Uni+) brings together already-debuted male and female idol groups that have yet to achieve mainstream and wide acclaim. As with all… Continue reading Debut Stage: My Turn – The Uni+

Favourites Playlist

Favourites Playlist (Week 4 Oct)

Hey guys, here’s my Favourites Playlist for the 4th week of October. After Taeyang White Night yesterday here in Singapore, my playlist has become full of songs by Taeyang and BIGBANG. Other than that, I’ve also been listening to the songs of spin-off groups from the Produce 101 Season 2 series, as well as the theme song for the new The Uni+ survival series. Enjoy!